Saturday, June 12, 2010

I Made Kick-Ass Movie Costumes!! literally...

Sooooo, I have some friends that wanted to dress up as the Kick-Ass movie characters for the Phoenix Comicon, and they commissioned me to make them... The only time I made anything close was my Max helloweenie costume but to be honest furry loose fabric is very forgiving when you make mistakes!
It was really tough but I welcomed the challenge, so I spent much of last month worrying, pacing, researching, and restitching all to the very  last minute!! and I was proud of myself when I was done :)

I made the entire Red Mist outfit from scratch [except the mask] and the entire Kick-Ass costume as well... for their daughter aka Hit-Girl I made the cape and mask, the rest they just bought...
Here are a few 'in process' pics:
Hit-Girl Cape
I spent A LOT of time on Red-Mist so that is what most of the picture are...
I layered plain cotton fabric, some quilters batting, pleather, then parchment paper to create the channels in the arms and chest. The parchment paper made the sewing go smoothly, and it was easy to remove... without it I had a bunched up mess!
some details on the front
I made my boy act as my dressform so many times, I was so worried it wouldn't fit!! and I really DID NOT know what I was doing! But it worked out quite well :)

It was a very valuable learning experience, and it pulled me out of my creative rut! I'm excited and motivated to create again :)

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