Saturday, June 26, 2010

Quick easy and fun! custom potholders

I brought my cheap-o potholders camping and in turn ruined them d'oh...
I had all the supplies on hand to make some, so I did!

Click 'read more' below to see a step by step on how you can make them yourself woot!

What you need:
-fabric scraps [or any fabric]
-insulating fabric [sold at joann's by the yard, it looks like batting with crinkly foil in it. Bring a coupon!]
-sewing machine

First go through your scraps and find some pieces that go well together, and iron them nice and flat.

Sew them together to become the size you want, I chose 8x8".
[press(iron) the seams as you go, its worth it!] 

Don't worry about making it too perfect until all the pieces are sewn together, then cut to your chosen size. 

Now layer!
1-backing with right side facing down, [white with leaves]
2-insulating fabric [8x8" in the middle]
3-the fabric square you created with right side facing up [elephant!]

On top of these I did a fun squiggly stitch in contrasting thread, to attach all the layers. You can do what ever you want. [circles, squares, straight lines etc]
Cut the bottom layer and leave a 1 to 1 1/2" border around the outside.
This will be used as sort of a 'faux' bias tape.
Fold in half twice and iron. [if this is confusing look at the pics below]

Next do a quick 'stay put' stitch for each of the corners. This is not necessary but does make it a little easier for the next step.

Sew around the edge, and you are done!!
If you want to put a loop in there you can... sew a little tube, fold in half, and stitch it into one of the corners.
Need pictures? Let me know!

back view

front view

 Now make dark chocolate brownies and take them out of the oven with your AWESOME new pot holder :)

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