Friday, March 12, 2010

scraps hairclip tutorial

I was working on some more of these notepads using donated couch leather, and decided to make myself a quick hair accessory. It was so simple and I like the results. I'm going to make more soon! Here's how I did it if you're interested:

I started with some leather and fleece scraps [choose any fabric that won't fray...]
Roughly cut out some flower like shapes of varying sizes
Stack them up until you like the configuration
Grab some embroidery floss [and a thimble, that leather is tough to go through!] and start at the bottom of the piece
I'm not sure what this knot is called, but it's really easy. Wrap the floss around the needle a few times, close to the base where it came out, and then push it back through, close to the same hole. I did this twice, it adds a nice effect :)
[click on the pic for a closer look]
Then find a clip or pin and secure the leftover floss to it. I added fray check to my knot just to be safe.
Trim the strings and wear your new, practically free accessory!
I think these would make some great pins too ♥ :)

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