Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer Pattern Play

I sewed my first dress using a pattern!

didn't quite fit my bubs quite how i wanted but I'm enjoying the dress as is...
i used the 'new look 6557' the only issue i found was the width of the bodice piece being too long

I've finally started sewing clothes!! this is a happy moment for me :) It's been a long time goal in the making...
I randomly (seriously 1 hour before a party) stitched this shirt out of fabric i found at SAS... [picture a stinky thrift store FILLLLED with inexpensive fabric, tons of buttons and other little treasures ♥]
Took me all of maybe 20 minutes. Sorry about the crummy photo, it's a party pic :)

And the pic below was my 1st pattern use ever... came out OKAY but too big. Now I understand patterns a little better :) I adjusted the shirt in the picture so it wouldn't look so big shhhh!

I have a few other things I'm working on and attempting to work on, hopefully I'll have more clothes to share soon! I really need a serger....!

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