Monday, January 25, 2010

busy bee!!

oi, i've been pretty busy lately!! still trying to catch up from my vacation...
 Had birfday celebrations at golfland today... i really wanted in these little stores but i guess they were all closed!

and my friend Tanya made this awesome wreath for me out of scrapbooking paper, she's such a crafty one!

ooo also i've been crocheting a few of my own variations of these hats, found the idea on i really like her site, she posts tons of fun stuffs
it's a fun quick project, i'm really not that great at crocheting yet, but this makes me feel like a pro hehe

I have so many things to post and so many things to make!!! I started a new project today, hopefully early this week i'll be able to post a little tutorial :)

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